Protecting Your Identity

M&S Bank has compiled this list of precautions and suggestions to help you protect yourself from identity theft and Internet scams. If you have any questions, please email the online teller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or call M&S Bank's main Gainesville, FL telephone number (352) 264-7100, and ask for the e-Banking Coordinator.

Use unique passwords or personal identification numbers for your Internet account. - Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess. Use both numbers and letters in your password. Do not choose the name of a family member, your pet, or favorite sports team as others can easily guess these passwords.

Change your passwords often. - Change your passwords at least every 30 days. Do not keep a list of passwords near your computer, or where others can easily find them.

Act quickly if you suspect fraud. - If you believe someone is trying to commit fraud by pretending to be M&S Bank, or an employee from M&S Bank, please contact us immediately by calling (352) 264-7100. Ask to speak to the e-Banking Coordinator or to the Security Officer.

Be aware of phony "look alike" websites. - These sites are used to trick consumers and to collect their personal information. Make sure that web-sites you use to conduct business requiring your personal information, post privacy and security statements.

How can I be sure I am communicating with M&S Bank? - Always log on to the M&S Bank website using Any variation of the Internet Address will not take you to the authentic M&S Bank website, or to our Online Banking and Bill Payment service. Once enrolled in Online Banking you will select a PassMark image and phrase. You will be asked to confirm this image and phrase each time you request access to Online Banking.  This ensures you are accessing our authentic website. To communicate with our Online Teller always use the link at the bottom of our Front (home) Page, or send directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure that any communication from our Internet Teller comes only from this address.

Do not send sensitive personal or financial information unless it is encrypted on a secure web-site. - Regular emails are not encrypted and are more like sending a post card in the mail. Before providing any personal or financial information, look for the "padlock" symbol on the bottom browser bar to ensure it is a secure site. You will notice this symbol after you enter your password and access the M&S Bank Online Banking or Bill Pay areas of our web-site.

Be alert for scam emails. - These may appear to come from a trusted business or friend, but actually are designed to trick you into downloading a virus, or jumping to a fraudulent website. Very often the subject line contains "friendly" language, or makes it appear as though you have won a prize, placed an order, or that you are receiving requested information. If you do not know the sender, and have not otherwise communicated with the sender, you should delete the email.

Don't reply to any email that requests your personal information. - Be very suspicious of any email from a business or person that asks for your password, social security number, account number(s), or other highly sensitive information -- or one that sends you erroneous personal information and asks you to update or correct it. M&S Bank will never ask for your passwords. We will not ask you for account numbers, or other personal account information, unless you have first contacted us about a particular situation or problem.

Be careful about clicking on a link contained in an email or other message. - If you have not requested information or conducted business that would make clicking on a link appropriate, do not do so- as the link may not be trustworthy, and may lead you to a site attempting to gain your personal information, or to commit fraud.

Leave suspicious sites. - If you suspect that a website is not what it purports to be, leave the site immediately. Do not follow any of the instructions it presents.


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