Online Banking Security Enhancement: New Login Authentication Process

To our Valued Customers,

Beginning on April 14, 2013 the Passmark Image, Phrase, and Challenge Questions you sometimes encounter during the Online Banking login process will be replaced with a new Login Authentication process.

Currently, during your login to Online Banking, the system verifies your device (PC, Tablet, etc).  If this is your registered device, the system will determine that this request is “normal” and “routine.”   When it is, you are passed through to enter your password.  Currently a device that is not recognized is met with Challenge Questions that were established with answers you provided at the time you enrolled in Online Banking.  

After April 14, 2013 if the verification process determines that you are using an unrecognized device, the system will go to a new security screen.  The screen will inform you that you are being asked to complete an additional layer of security.  The following screen will provide a list of the phone numbers you previously established with M&S Bank.   You select a number where you can receive a call at your current location.  The next screen provides you with a security code.  During the call you will be prompted to provide the security code from the screen.  The system matches the information and you are done!  Once the phone call is complete, you will move on to your Online Banking password and be logged into your Online Banking.  The process registers your device so you will not be asked again when logging in from this device!

In preparation for these enhancements we began asking for you to review, verify and in some cases update both phone numbers and email addresses.  If you have not already verifed this information please login to your Online Banking and from the Administration Menu choose Manage Contact Information.  Once in this menu please make sure you have the correct contact info listed.  If you need any assistance updating your information please contact Online Banking support at (352) 264-7118.

As always, Thank You for banking with M&S Bank – Money and Service since 1959.

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